Google Docs is a powerful tool that makes creating and formatting documents a breeze. However, formatting numerals can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you’re working on a research paper, business report, or any other document, getting the numerals right is important. That’s where this ultimate cheat sheet comes in handy.

This article will cover everything you need about formatting numerals in Google Docs. We’ve got you covered, from changing the font to adjusting the size and alignment. So, let’s get started.

Understanding Numerals in Google Docs:

Before we dive into formatting numerals in Google Docs, let’s take a moment to understand what numerals are. Numerals refer to any numbers, digits, or symbols representing a quantity or value.

In Google Docs, numerals can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • As part of a numbered list
  • As part of a table or chart
  • To indicate a date or time
  • To represent a mathematical equation or formula

Formatting Numerals in Google Docs:

Now that we understand numerals let’s explore how to format them in Google Docs. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Select the Text

First, select the text that contains the numerals you want to format. You can do this by clicking and dragging your mouse over the text or using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command+A (Mac) to select all of the text in the document.

Step 2: Change the Font

To change the font of the numerals, click on the Font dropdown menu in the toolbar and select the font you want to use. This will change the font for all text in the selected area, including the numerals.

Step 3: Adjust the Size and Alignment

Next, you can adjust the size and alignment of the numerals. Use the Size and Alignment dropdown menus in the toolbar to do this. You can increase or decrease the size of the numerals and align them to the left, right, or center.

Step 4: Change the Color

To change the color of the numerals, click on the Text color dropdown menu in the toolbar and select the color you want to use.

Tips and Tricks for Formatting Numerals:

Now that we’ve covered the basics of formatting numerals in Google Docs let’s explore some tips and tricks to simplify the process.

  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Instead of using the toolbar, you can use keyboard shortcuts to format numerals quickly. For example, create a numbered list using Ctrl+Shift+7 (Windows) or Command+Shift+7 (Mac).
  • Customize Numbered Lists: To customize the look of a numbered list, click on the Numbered list dropdown menu in the toolbar and select the format you want to use.
  • Use AutoCorrect: Google Docs has an AutoCorrect feature that can automatically format numerals as you type. To enable this feature, click on Tools in the menu bar, select Preferences, and check the box next to “Automatic substitution.”


Formatting numerals in Google Docs may seem like a small task, but it’s an important one that can make a big difference in your document’s overall look and readability. This ultimate cheat sheet gives you all the information to format numerals easily. From changing the font to adjusting the size and alignment, you now know how to format numerals like a pro.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you work with numerals in Google Docs, the more comfortable and efficient you will become. So, feel free to experiment and try out different formatting options. With this cheat sheet, you can always create polished and professional documents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Numerals in Google Docs:

Can I use Roman numerals in Google Docs? 

Yes, you can use Roman numerals in Google Docs. Change the font to one that supports Roman numerals, such as Times New Roman, and then use the letter equivalent to the numeral you want to represent.

How do I format superscript or subscript numerals? 

Select the numeral to format superscript or subscript numerals, and then click the Superscript or Subscript buttons in the toolbar.

Can I change the format of all the numerals in my document at once? 

Yes, you can change the format of all the numerals in your document by selecting all the text and then applying the formatting changes.