POD GENIE – Your News Delivered Daily

Create bespoke podcasts tailored to your interests with Pod Genie. Turn any RSS feed into a segment on your own podcast, covering various topics such as morning news briefings, evening sports round-ups, or the latest from your favorite blog.


  • AI Roundup: Stay updated on all things AI, including the latest advancements and insights in the world of artificial intelligence.
  • Indie Hacking: Unlock the secrets of successful solopreneurs and bootstrapped startups, one hack at a time.
  • News Around the World: Get the latest headlines and stories from every corner of the globe, keeping you informed and connected to our global community.
  • Financial Briefing: Receive your daily dose of financial insights and news, simplified for smart money decisions.

Additional Benefits:

  • Newsletter: Every episode is accompanied by a newsletter delivered straight to your mailbox, allowing you to dig deeper into the source or revisit previous episodes.
  • Become the Producer: You are in control – mix and match multiple sources, set up the schedule, and pick your hosts. Pod Genie will deliver your podcast along with the transcript to your email.

Use Cases: Personalized podcasts from any RSS feed, morning news briefings, evening sports round-ups, AI updates, indie hacking tips, global news, and financial insights.

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